Customer Support - I have received an email regarding account verification - but my account is verified?

If you've received an email from GGPoker regarding account verification, but your account is already verified, it's important to approach the situation cautiously. The email you received may be a 'phishing' attempt, when someone tries to trick you into providing personal information, such as your login details or financial information, by posing as a trustworthy entity.

Phishing emails can be very convincing, often using logos and branding that look identical to the company they are impersonating. If you receive an email that you suspect may be a phishing attempt, do not provide any personal information or click on any links contained within the email. Instead, contact GGPoker directly via our published email addresses to confirm whether the request is genuine. A link to these is below

It's important to remember that GGPoker will only ever contact you from our published email addresses and never ask you to provide login details or disclose your password via email.

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