Zodiac Festival - Frequently Asked Questions - Summary

What is the Zodiac Festival?
The Zodiac Festival is a two-week special tournament series brought to you by GGPoker.

When does the Zodiac Festival take place?
The festival will begin on July 31st and conclude on August 14th.

How much money is guaranteed during the Zodiac Festival?
¥35,000,000 ($5M US Dollars) will be guaranteed throughout the festival.

Zodiac Festival - Highlights
  • Celebrate 2022 Qixi Festival with  your favorite Zodiac Tournamen
  • The biggest prizes in Asia are all on GGPoker with ¥35M/$5M GTD up for grab
  • Test your skills with the daily Zodiac Main Event - ¥500K GTD on Sunday
  • All your favorite Zodiac majors are boosted with Special Animal Avatar
  • The Mystery Bounty returns for Asia!

Will the Zodiac Festival have any Mystery Bounty events?
Yes there will!
Two Mystery Bounty events will take place.
Final Day for the ¥210 taking place on Sunday, August 7th
Final Day for the ¥2,100 taking place on Sunday, August 14th

Do I have to change currencies within the app to take part in the Zodiac Festival?
No, when you register to the event, the system will notify you of the conversion rate that will apply if you proceed.
Please note that any bounties our cash prizes will be returned to you in USD.

Zodiac Festival - Where can I find the schedule?

The full schedule is available on the GGPoker PC and mobile app.
It can also be viewed on this webpage: https://www.tournaments.ggnetwork-contents.com/zodiac-festival-2022-july

Can I collect Zodiac avatars during the Zodiac Festival?
Yes, the 12 special avatars can be collected during the series.

Will any Zodiac Festival events award a Badge of Honour to the winner?
No, this series will not award any Badge of Honour rewards.

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