What hotkey settings does GGPoker provide?

Players can configure their own hotkeys inside the app settings.

Present default settings:

Fold / Fold to any bet: F1

Check / Call: F2

Bet / Raise: F3

Button 1 (bet amount shortcut): Ctrl + 1 

Button 2 (bet amount shortcut): Ctrl + 2

Button 3 (bet amount shortcut): Ctrl + 3

Button 4 (bet amount shortcut): Ctrl + 4

New Hand (Rush & Cash): Enter shortcut key to use

Other hot key configurations available (Default: none):

Straddle, Move Table, Tile Table, Cascade Mode, Sit out all game tables on next hand, Sit out all game tables on next blind, Rabbit Card Open, Use Timebank, Last Hands and Add Chips

Accept Insurance, Decline Insurance, Run it once, Run it twice, Run it three times, Show left card, Show right card, Show all cards

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