Battle of Malta Online 2022 - How do I earn leaderboard points?

Leaderboard Point = log(Prize Pool) / sqrt(Relative Rank)
Relative Rank = finish position / number of entrants

Let's say you finished 1st in a tournament with 2500 entrants and a prize pool of €40.000.

A) - We have to find out the  Log
You can find out the log of the Prize Pool by entering the following on Google: log(40000)
Log = 4.60205999133

B) Now we have to determine the Relative rank value
We divide the finish position (1) by the number of entrants (2500)

Relative rank = 0.0004

C) Find out the Sqrt (Relative Rank)
To find out the Sqrt (Relative Rank)enter the following on Google: Square root of 0.0004
Square of relative rank = 0.02

D) Now that we found out all the values, we just apply them to the formula:

Log (Prize Pool) / Sqrt (Relative Rank)
4.60205999133 /  0.02 = 230.102999566

You earned 230 points

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