July 2022 - Flip & Go - Daily Leaderboard Promotion - Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Flip & Go July 2022 Leaderboard Promotion start?
The Daily Flip & Go Leaderboard promotion starts on 1st July 2022 and will run each day until 31st July 2022.

What is considered a day for the July Daily Flip & Go $5K Leaderboard promotion?
The leaderboard runs daily from 00:00 Pacific time, UTC-8 until 23:59 Pacific Time, UTC-8.

Are the payouts for the July Daily Flip & Go Daily $5K promotion in cash or T$?
Leaderboard prizes for this promotion are all paid out in T$.

When are the prizes paid out for the previous day in the July Daily Flip & Go $5K Leaderboard promotion?
Prizes are paid out within 26 hours of the completion of the leaderboard period.

Example: You finish in 1st place on the July 1st leaderboard - prizes will be in your account when the July 2nd leaderboard concludes.

Will there be a Happy Hour for the July Daily $5K Flip & Go Leaderboard promotion?
Yes, players will be able to earn 1.5X points during the happy hour (22:00-23:59:59) Pacific Time, UTC-8.

Can I play for multiple leaderboards in the July Daily Flip & Go $5K promotion?
Yes, you can play for as many leaderboards as you want.

How are points earned for the leaderboard in the July Daily Flip & Go $5K Leaderboard?
You can get points in two different ways!
You will get 1 point for every buy-in you start with and you will receive EXTRA points based on your first received Flip Bonus.

Example: If you play Flip & Go with 8 buy-ins and receive a Straight Flush Flip Bonus you will get 8 points from the buy-ins and an EXTRA 32 points from the Flip Bonus for a total of 40 points.

Can I see how many points I have earned throughout the day in the July Daily Flip & Go $5K Promotion?
Yes! You can follow your progress here:

Note: On maintenance days, the leaderboard will not be immediately available and July take a few hours. Don't worry you are earning your points at all times for your play.

What is the breakdown of the prizes for the July Daily Flip & Go leaderboards?

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