Tournaments - GGPoker Bounty Hunters mechanic and worked example

Bounty Hunters is a series of guaranteed PKO (Progressive knock-out) tournaments running everyday where the prize money is split – part of the prize money will go to the overall prize pool, and the other part will be distributed among players for each opponent they knock out.

In a PKO (Progressive knock-out) tournament, a bounty is placed on each and every entrant in the tournament. Each time you eliminate somebody, you win an instant cash prize! Every player will start out with a bounty (half of the buy-in), and eliminating a player will give you half of their bounty as an instant prize, while the other half is added to your own bounty.
For example, in a PKO event with a $20 buy-in, everyone will start with a $10 bounty, and the remaining $10 goes into the regular prize pool. When you knock someone out with a $10 bounty, you will take $5 into your account, and $5 will be added to your bounty.

Please view the webpage here for a worked example.

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