Cashier - Transfers - Sending Cash to another player

Provided both sender and recipient accounts are verified, transfers are permissible between:

1. Rest of World account > Rest of World account (see exceptions to this rule below)

2. KYC Verified account > KYC Verified account (both players must have fully verified their account)
See: How to verify my account

3. Email verified account > Email verified account (email verification is different from KYC verification)
See: How do I verify my email address

Please ensure that all 3 steps above are met to send/receive player-to-player transfers successfully

Due to local regulations, Player to Player transfers may not be available in your location. Should the transfer option not be shown in your GGPoker client this will be the case.

NB: Please be aware that Player to Player transfers is only intended for funds that will be used in gameplay. These funds cannot be withdrawn. Should you wish to send funds to another player for use outside of GGPoker, these should be sent via an external transfer method

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