Poker Client - Login problems/password or player detail error

A. In-app password reset options

If an incorrect password or username is entered, players may follow reset steps from the login field. Select this option, enter your details and await the arrival of a password reset email/code.

B. Requesting a manual password change

Failing this, or if your code doesn't arrive in a timely fashion, please detail your concern via who can provide a manual password change to restore access.

C. Entering correct login details

Please note that table names cannot be entered during sign-in; a combination of your registered email address and password is sufficient for access. 

Occasionally, GGPoker’s app will indicate the requested login username is incorrect when the password is at fault. If you’re entering the correct registered email and are positive there’s no errors in typing, the password is likely the cause of prevention. 

Upon receipt of a written email request, help agents will provide a manual change having clarified the account’s true ownership, which can be used to promptly restore access.

D. Sign-up/registration form failure - password error

If you cannot complete the sign-up form to register an account, attempting to enter a preferred password which has 10 characters, a mix of lower and upper case characters, one number and one symbol can resolve this issue.

D (2). Sign-up registration form failure - email duplicate

If you're registered under another site on the GGPoker Network, an alternate mailing address is required during account creation. Although players are permitted to hold accounts on multiple skins simultaneously, an alternate mailing address is required for each account.

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