microMILLION$ - Daily Freerolls (Bonus Chance)

Throughout the microMILLION$ series, there will be twice-daily tournaments for all players who did not make the money in eligible microMILLION$ events

Any player who registers for an eligible microMILLION$ event and does not make the money will be auto-registered into the next Bonus Chance freeroll

The lobby of the tournament will indicate if the event is eligible, Phased events with multiple Day 1 flights are excluded from this promotion.

These events are flipouts and players do not need to be present to participate as they are all in each hand

Players can play one Bonus Chance event per day

Prizes will be tickets to one of the microMILLION$ main events.

Tickets won from Bonus Chance freerolls must be used to enter microMILLION$ events and will expire if not used

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