Splash Function

May 27th 2022

Players can express themselves and interact more with others using Emotions against a specific player. T

They can show respect or express their anger

  • Players can only use emotions at certain situations against a certain player. Pot size specified may differ between games
  • Egg - Lose a pot bigger than 30 big blinds with a suckout
  • Water Bucket - Lose a pot bigger than 20 big blinds

     Pot size conditions by game type:

    Game Type Water Bucket Egg
    AoF Hold’em 8 BB or Higher 10 BB or Higher 
    AoF Omaha 5 BB or Higher 6 BB or Higher 
    All other cash games 20 BB or Higher 30 BB or Higher
    Tournaments and Sit&Go type Lost at least 20% of average stack  Lost at least 30% of average stack 
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