Bet on Flop - What types of betting are available?

You can bet on the following flop textures

  • Triple - 3 cards of the same rank (7h, 7d, 7s)
  • Straight Flush - Three sequential cards of the same suit (Ts, Js, Qs)
  • Straight - Three sequential cards not of the same suit (7s, 8h, 9d)
  • Flush - Three cards of the same suit, not in sequence (Ah, 7h, 9h)
  • Pair - Two cards of the same rank (9h, 9d, 4s)
  • 3 Red cards - All three cards are red [Hearts/Diamonds] (4h, 7d, Kh)
  • 3 Black cards - All three cards are black [Spades/Clubs] (4s, 7c, Ks)
  • 2 Red cards - Two cards are red [Hearts/Diamonds] (Jh, 9d, 7s)
  • 2 Black cards - Two cards are black [Spades/Clubs] (As, 9h, 3c)
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