Staking - Multi Entry Staking

Multi Entry Staking is here!

  • Players who want to sell action including multiple re-entries into a tournament must use Multi-Entry Staking.
  • Players using Multi-Entry Staking will use Share Dilution to share the prize with buyers in the case of additional entries.
  • The buyer's share will be diluted depending on the number of re-entries of the seller.
    • For example, If the buyer initially bought 20% of the share, and the seller re-enters after a knockout, increasing the seller’s total entries to two entries, the buyer’s share will be diluted to 10%. In case of a third re-buy, the buyer's share will be diluted to 5%.
  • Bounty Payments shares will be paid out when the seller is eliminated or wins the Bounty Tournament.
  • Bounty Payments will be determined according to the final share dilution. 
  • Sellers' selling their action with the Share Dilution option enabled will have an icon displayed and will be sorted to the top of the list for more visibility.


(Original Stake / Tournament Buy-in * Markup)


A Seller enters a $100 Buy-In with 1.5x Markup. A Buyer stakes $75.  After three subsequent knock-outs and re-entries, the staking percentage would look as follows:

$100 Buy In and 3 Re-Entries (+$300)

  • Original Equity: 75 / (100 * 1.5) = 50%
  • Post Dilution Equity : 75 / (400 * 1.5) = 12.5%
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