PokerCraft - Staking Profile

The PokerCraft My Staking tab offers an in-depth overview of your staking purchasing history. It does not include your staking history where you've sold action. This tab only correlates data from where you've been the backer/staker.

Upon opening PokerCraft on desktop or mobile and selecting the My Staking tab you can view your staking history as well as other headline figures

Total Return
Total Investment
Largest Return
Total Profit
Number of Profit

Like most PokerCraft tabs, you can filter your search

When you open the tab it automatically shows tournaments occurring in the last hourIn the drop down you can change this to the required timelineThis includes custom range where you must input the start and end date to help narrow your searchYou can filter this further by ticking the Show Profit only tabWhen you are happy with the filters, click show to reveal the historyThe available information includes Buy-in, Mark Up, Bought %, Result, Investment and Profit

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