All In Or Fold - Game History

Using the PokerCraft All in or Fold tab, players can view all their previous hand histories and hand histories from the last 90 days can be downloaded and exported to third-party programs.

To view your hand histories please follow the step-by-step guide below

1. Open PokerCraft from Desktop or Mobile 

2. In the left sidebar, select All in or Fold

3. Select the date from the drop-down - last hour is shown by default but this can be edited including the custom range option. 4. You can narrow the search by clicking the buy-in filter which is defaulted to All

5. When you have finished filtering click on 'show' to reveal your sessions6. Select the session you would to review and then select game history and it will be revealed below

For further analysis, you can choose
EV Graph (displays All in EV)
Position (Win-loss* from positions)
Opponents (Win-loss* vs opponents)

*Win-loss does not include rake, jackpot fee or bingo fee

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